Current Studio Lesson Rates 2022

BH Singer Studio
Serves up an Eclectic Menu of Vocal Study Options

Choose from the following:

"The Appetizer" - Single, Non-Repeating Hourly Lessons for Tune-ups and Specific Immediate Needs
"The Main Course" - Monthly Consistent Hourly Lessons to Build Consistency and Solid Vocal Technique

Discounted Packages:

"The A La Carte" - 6 Random Floating Hourly Lessons - Completed over 10 weeks
"The Entree" - 12 Weekly Recurring Hourly Lessons - Completed over 3 months
"The Buffet" - 16 Weekly Recurring Hourly Lessons - Completed over 4 months

Pricing and Fees: 
Contact: BH Singer Studio
via email:
via phone: 412-736-9246

Lessons are geared to accommodate diverse and individual needs
within a non-threatening environment that focuses on creative self-development.
BH Singer Studio focuses on the following types of student / singer inquiries...

  • Casual Adult Learner / Vocal Discovery Sessions
  • High School Musical Theater Audition / Role Prep
  • High School Choral / Ensemble Audition Prep
  • College Level Self-Discovery / Vocal Engaging Sessions
  • University / College Entry Conservatory Audition Repertoire Prep
  • Classical Recital / Repertoire and Language / Diction Prep
  • Adult Amateur and Professional Choral Group Audition Prep
  • Operatic Role and Classical Repertoire Coaching for both Adult and Teenage Singers
  • Foreign Language / Diction Studies
  • Band / Lead Singer Vocal Studies
  • Songwriting Coaching and Consulting
  • Open Stage / Gig Prep and Advising
  • Recording Studio Vocal Production Consulting / Projects